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The original Harness Racing Track Game invented in 1971 and finally published in 2018.

Harness Racing Track Game at Harness Raceway

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About Harness Racing Track Game....


The original game features Harness Raceway with; an 8x10 booklet that features the rules, 16 carded races and charts to record racing results, ten post position cards, 3 dice, ten player pieces, all coming in a decorated box as seen in the image above.

1 to ten players can participate.

Ages 12- adult

The game mimics the results of real harness racing action!

Two different racetracks are available, Harness Raceway and Trotter Lane Park.

Harness Raceway has longer turns and 22 squares down the stretch.

Trotter Lane Park has tighter turns and 28 squares down the stretch.

Both tracks are 81 squares total to the one mile distance.

Additional Racing Programs with 56 races each can be purchased but are not required to play, although they enhance the horse racing, board game experience and document the history of your competition. Samples of programs are seen by scrolling below or found at

Speed and inside post position are less of a factor on this track with shorter, tighter turns.

Harness Racing Track Game at Trotter Lane Park

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Only the original game will include rules, 10 player pieces and ten post position cards, so buy that edition first or along with the Trotter Lane Park edition.


Want to buy this Board Game using credit card?

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OR go to and place "harness racing" into the search window to see all HRTG products available from the game manufacturer.

Samples of HRTG program covers and four pages of races with their scoring pages.

Additional 8x10 Racing Programs for either racetrack ...with 56 races and scoring charts for each race.

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The photographs above illustrate four program covers and a look at the colorful design of the inside pages of the program, the scoring charts. Each program features 4 full-page racing action shots like those illustrated above. Awesome images and strikingly colorful if I must say so myself!

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