Experienced, Artistic Photographer

Experienced, Artistic Photographer

Experienced, Artistic PhotographerExperienced, Artistic PhotographerExperienced, Artistic Photographer

About Photographer, Al Brodsky


Photography is a passion because...

I have a tremendous desire to be creative. 

What to expect...

I am healthy at age 69.

2020 was going to be my final year of accepting professional, photographic assignments before retiring but the Covid virus that has canceled almost all events has made me decide to conclude my professional career now as I edit this website here on 4/18/2020. You can try and talk me into photographing anything as I certainly do love capturing images and creating additional artwork from those images in the computer, but it would have to be something without much stress and demanding deadlines. Maybe most of my photography from now on will be from self chosen, fun times capturing images and creating self-satisfying artwork. I will add favorite images to this web-site for the next few years as a display of my carefree, fun, artistic choices and would love to hear back from anyone who enjoys having seen some of the highlighted images from my career along with images where I express myself in the future.


My photographic, working history...

Along with primarily photographing weddings and other social events, I spent many years also working as a school photographer, capturing senior portraits and covering for yearbooks the many events that happen throughout the year, including; sports, theater performances, appearances of celebrities, pro athletes, politicians, and other recognizable people as they appeared at the schools.

I also have a passion for sports and have seen my photography published on over 150 magazine covers, mainly those that cover the sport of thoroughbred horse racing, allowing me to stand near the finish line of the Kentucky Derby and Breeders' Cup events, and a few times I was fortunate to find myself with camera and credentials along the sidelines of other, major, professional sporting events. Some of my favorite images from those opportunities are view-able on the "images worth seeing" page of this web-site.


Photography is creative fun!

I use my camera to document what I see and experience. I am an artist and a historian as a result. That's a "selfie" above, taken about 30+ years ago with film, well before anyone else was taking selfies. My hand triggers a cable release which was attached by wire to my camera on tripod. The location is near Lake Superior in Minnesota.


Capturing Memories

My goal is to capture memorable moments and artistic images without stealing your valuable time allowing you to enjoy your day. Choosing an interesting outdoor location for some quick portraits or group photos is always a good idea in any season. I do minor retouching as well, like removing a distracting, floating piece of wood from the image above.